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Hi Everyone. I'm currently taking the self-paced online CQE Prep class and found some really good information in the modules that is not detailed in my CQE Handbook. Am I able to write notes in my Handbook for the test? Or maybe even bind the pdfs from the online training and use them in the test? Thank you!

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David Dart
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Hi Michele - From the ASQ website, Certification FAQ:

All ASQ exams are open-book.

All reference materials (e.g., including all forms of notes) must be bound and remain bound during the exam. Bound refers to material permanently bound by stitching or glue and materials fastened securely in its cover by fasteners, which penetrate all papers (e.g., ring binders, spiral binders, plastic snap binders, brads, or screw posts). Manually or hand stapled documents that are not securely fastened in their covers are not allowed. The size of workspace area at Prometric test centers is limited. The approximate desk dimensions are 48" in length and 24" in width.

Before you enter the exam room, the Test Center Administrator (TCA) will inspect all references. "Post-Its" will be permitted as book tabs only (must be attached prior to entering the test center). Items strictly prohibited in the exam area: hand stapled or paper-clipped materials, blank writing tablets or tablets containing blank pages, unbound tablets, unbound notes, slide charts and/or wheel charts (hand-held cardboard or plastic calculating devices with rotating or sliding pieces).

Absolutely no collections of questions and answers or weekly refresher-course quizzes are permitted. Reference sources that contain such copy are not allowed unless the questions are removed.

Examinees are responsible for abiding by applicable copyright laws.

Hope this helps 😊

Trish Borzon
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Hi Michele

I checked with the Cert team - answer below:

Handwritten notes are allowed in the reference materials. That being said, they cannot write in the reference materials during the exam (obviously).

I’m not familiar with the printing process or printing rights for EP, but as long as it is appropriately bound (permanently bound by stitching or glue and materials fastened securely in it’s cover by fasteners that penetrate all papers (e.g., ring binders, spiral binders, notebooks, plastic snap binders, brads, or screw posts), it can be used as reference material. If they print it and just staple it, it’ll be rejected.

Good Luck!!!