CQE Exam - ANSI Z1.4 and Z1.9
Hello everyone,

I am currently studying for my CQE exam later this month, and a lot of practice questions require reference to ANSI Z1.4 and Z1.9 standards to be able to answer correctly. In the actual exam are these standards actually needed as a reference? If so, for taking the online exam, my understanding is that you can only have one bound reference material (I plan to use the CQE handbook), therefore what is allowed in terms of having reference material and the ANSI standards to hand?

Thanks in advance for the help, and good luck to all those sitting the exam this month!
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Hi Mark,

Good luck with your CQE exam. About reference material, you have not any restrictions. You can take 1,2 or more books as you find useful for your exam. I took my exam in April and took with me Primer, Handbook, Quality Toolbox and notes which was prepared by myself. Within notes, I put tables from ANSI Z1.4 and Z1.9 standards as well. In the real exam, I found 2-3 questions from these tables. I would suggest you take the essential references with you.
Hi Javid,

Thanks for the detailed reply, and I hope you got a good result from your exam! I have a couple of follow-up questions, if you don't mind:
- Indeed, I can see you can take more than one reference book with you, but you says you just put the tables within your own notes, did you just have a bound book of handwritten notes or something and then paste the tables inside? What was allowed for you?
- Also, slightly separate note, I see you can take scrap paper for notes, does this have to be on lose paper or can i use an empty notepad?
(For reference I will take the online exam, so I guess I have to show everything but I don't want something disqualified at the last moment)

Thanks for the help,
Hi Mark,

Yes what Javid stated, I took in two binders, one the primer which has the tables in it, a book from a prep class for CQE, and two other Quality Engineer BOK's, plus a small binder with notes, formulas.

The Indiana council Primer has all the tables for sampling.

Good Luck on your exam.


There are different spots on the NET you can download a copy of the tables you need for the exam (primarily Single Sampling Plans) if you didn't want to purchase a complete primer. Some of the key concepts to know are the differences in terms (AOC vs AQL), maybe a bit about an OC Curve, some knowledge of different types of sampling plans (Double Sampling, etc.) and of course being able to pull out an inspection plan off the tables.
Hello Steven,

Thank you for the information.

Beyond grateful,

Can you put permanent tabs on your pages? They talk about sticky notes and I don't want to be unpleasantly surprised on exam day?



Hi All,

Let me add to what has already been said. I took my exam on June 8th. I had too reference material, CQE BoK and CQPA BoK. I took the CQPA BoK for this very question asked here about the ANSI Z1.4 standards.

So if you can print it out and bind it together, it will be best as i got questions from there.

Best of Luck

Hello Guy's,

Planning for CQE exam, where can I find CQE resources such as Primers, Question Banks etc. for exam. I do have my primer from my earlier days. Any help is much appreciated.



Hi Mark,

Sorry for late reply.

  • I put on table my reference material and no handwritten notes.
  • Before taking the exam please refer to ASQ FAQ what is allowed to the exam what is not. My material was not handwritten. I have collected them electronically and printed out and binded as well.