CQE Test Handbook
Hello everyone.

I have registered for the CQE test and it is my first test. The e-book and the handbook are exactly the same prices and I purchased the e-book(thinking I am going to save some paper). I did not know that I cannot use the e-book during the test until today, which was very disappointing. I have already paid a lot of money for test preparation materials and I cannot afford to pay another $100! Do you know of any place that I can buy a second-hand book for a cheaper price? Thank you very much for your help.

Recommendation to ASQ: It is good that the e-book is available but I wouldn't buy the e-book if somewhere in the process of purchasing was written that this cannot be used for the test.

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It depends if where you live in. In US, try Amazon for $50.
Can you print it yourself, unless it has something in the document that prevents printing? Kinko's, Staples or other office supply stores might be able to print it for you. It's going to cost you. Or would your employer let you print it if you supplied the paper?

I'd call customer support and complain to them to see what they can do for you. They will not see your suggestion here. Tell them the webpage should tell you that the ebook cannot be used during the tests. I would have bought the ebook as I don't want a one time use books on my shelves and ebooks are so easy to search.

The same thing happened with me & I could not get any used book as I live in Canada. I had to purchase new book from ASQ. Very disappointed.