CMQ/OE Primer & BOK
Can I use the Quality Council of Indiana Primer for 2013 and 2019 BOK and still pass the exam?
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Susan Samaroo‍ - I would say that it depends on what you put into your studying. Here's another similar post that mentions what they used
Hope this helps & GOOD LUCK!
Trish Borzon
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2019 CMQ OE BoK Map.pdf - here's the roadmap of the changes in the Handbook from edition 4 to edition 5.
Toro Ruben
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Hello Susan. If the 2013 is the 7th edition I would say yes because I used it as well. I would suggest also getting the Quality Council practice exams on thumb drive because it is more extensive than the practice book, with 1000 questions. The method I used was first mastering the tests in the QCIP book, then the exams on the drive. If you have the CMQ Primer those questions are also in the thumb drive exams. I also highly suggest using ASQ’s CMQOE course study. The formula I used was once I scored 95 consistently in the QC exams I moved on the ASQ’s course. I noticed that my CMQ-OE exam had more material from the ASQ course than from Quality Councils but remember there are multiple exams. I felt that the exam was well constructed. Basically the pace is 42 questions per hour. You can flag questions you want to return to making it very easy to scroll back to them. I also found it quicker to use the glossaries for reference rather than using my bookmarks. There is a timer at the top of the screen which I found a little distracting but it obviously keeps you informed. I had 12-15 minutes left over to go back to my flagged questions. If you do well on the study material you will do well on the exam. Good luck to you!