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I hold CQE and CQA certificates. I want to get CSSBB exam but there requested to participate/complete in SS projects (under MBB or etc) and other evidences of the projects. I am active freelance auditor and consultant and have contracts with reputable companies to conducts QMS/EMS/OHS and medical device relevant audits and I have a good knowledge of SS topics especially statistics (graduated form Industrial Engineering). I did not participated in any SS projects and there is not such opportunity in my country (Azerbaijan) such as I dont know anyone who has such MBBSS certificates to lead projects. Even if there is such an opportunity what I will do? I will request them to involve me in their projects free of charge just to get experience or? What can I do? to submit other SSBB certificate providers? or any other recommendations?
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Seyid Aghayev‍ - That makes it tough! I'm tagging Anindya Sarangi‍ and Ciby James‍ from our India office (yes...I realize that's not close. :) ) They might have some suggestions.
Ciby James
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Hi Seyid,
The CSSBB certification requires you to not only learn and clear the examination, but also provide evidence that you have applied that knowledge to an actual project situation successfully. A project is a process improvement activity where you have managed to improve the performance using some of the techniques taught under Six Sigma. You must find a project for yourself, from your own organization or where you consult, and then work with the process owner to bring improvement in the process. Every such project should be done with the support and guidance of a senior manager/ leadership member of the organization, who obtains a benefit from the result of the project. Such a person need not be a MBB. Such a person is called the Champion or Sponsor of the project, and ASQ requires an affidavit to be signed by the Champion or Sponsor to attest to your having done the project satisfactorily.
I hope this clarifies what you need to do.
Now that is clear for me thank you very much, I have many such improvement projects. I think the project has to be managed by SSBB or MBB. I remember that in the form where we have to indicate projects there such a column that requests from project sponsor to define his/her SSBB certification number and name of provider. Again thank you for your clarification. So I can easiliy participate in the exam now.