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Fellow ASQ Members,

I'm planning to give my exam in a month from now. I do have the CQE primer 2006 edition that I plan to use for the prep. Any recommendations on other materials I can use to ace the exam? 

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Sandeep Mohan‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for you membership!   
There are several conversations on here about the CQE https://my.asq.org/search?query=cqe 
Most suggest the Handbook, Question bank, and primer are good places to start.  
William LaFollette‍ , Amanda Foster‍ - any other insights from you?
Good Luck!
Hi Sandeep and Thank you Trish for mentioning me. As you know I have thoughts on this.

I highly recommend the CQE handbook: https://asq.org/quality-press/display-item?item=H1518
And the study guide: https://asq.org/quality-press/display-item?item=H1496
I personally have not used the question bank, but have heard from many that it was helpful.
I would also recommend a good stats reference, expecially anything that has formula's. It makes doing calculations easier as many cannot readily remember all the formulas (I.e. probability, etc..)
Make sure you look at the BoK: https://p.widencdn.net/lnuqrw/40216_CQE_Cert_Insert
and make sure you have good reference materials for the areas you do not feel you are as strong in. The full list of references used in developing the exam: https://asq.org/cert/quality-engineer/references
I do not recommend getting all of these just the ones where you feel you need to have better knowledge or the ones in which you feel your knowledge isn't as strong. 
Hope this helps. Best of luck to you! 
Amanda Foster
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I used the question bank and found it very helpful. I passed my exam on the first attempt.