Hi All
I passed my black belt yesterday & my next step is CQE & PMP.
I have very strong statistical knowledge. I was very surprised with my CSSBB exam as I found questions more focused on theory rather than on statistics. My focus was towards Statistics most of the time during my preperation. To my surprise, we are only allowed 2 scratch pages which I initally thought would not be enough.
So far by looking at BOK of CQE, I found a lot of similarities between them. Should I also expect the same kind of exam in CQE or this would have more statistics. 
Also in term of purchasing material, I'm confused if I should buy from ASQ or Quality council of Indiana. I have already purchased latest edition of CQE from ASQ earlier in 2020 but I'm not sure if I should focus towards QUALITY COUNCIL INDIANA CQE Book. 
Also should I also buy CQE Study guide and CQE question bank from ASQ OR Quality council Indiana primer with soultuion.
Thankyou for the help.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Muhammad Tayyab‍ - Congratulations!!!  There are several discussion in the community on this topic.  https://my.asq.org/search?query=cqe - take a peak to see if they help answer your questions.  
Good Luck! 
Hi Muhammad, you will find the CQE has more statistics.  what book you use is whatever you are comfortable with.   They are both equally good.  Personally, I favor the ASQ books since they tend to be more up to date.  
Hello Muhammad,

My experience has been that CQE has more stat that CSSBB and CRE has about the same amount as CQE.  SInce CQE and CRE are both "Engineer" exams, there is an expectation that a candidate will have had quite a bit of statistical education as part of an Engineering degree (or equivalent).  Black Belts may appear to have statistical knowledge, but a typical BB program has less than a month of direct education, and you can't expect to learn statistics to a significant degree in that period of time.

Congratulations on the title!  CSSBB is still a very difficult exam, but carries much of the "softer" skills needed to lead and drive change.  Quality Manager has even more of that type of material.

Note that PMP is a different type of exam - probably more benefit of "cramming".  ASQ exams allow reference materials, so bring in whatever you are most comfortable referencing.  PMP is closed book, so some rote memorization just prior to exam time will likely be useful.
Thankyou for your reply. Can you please confirm what is the difference between Question Bank AND ASQ CQE Study Guide
MANY years ago, I was counseled to take the CRE "back-to-back" to the CQE, as 70-80% have similar BOK, thus all you need to do in the gap between test time is study the CRE BOK unique to it, and the math/stats (more reliability, MBTA, etc.).  I just did self-study using Quality Council Indiana materials and past first attempt 3 months later.

I would assume that this would be good advice regarding the BB / CQE, especially the stats BOK.  The CQE is much broader in content than the BB focusing on DMAIC / process.  Good luck (study hard is better than luck though).  
My esteemed colleague John and I may have a different viewpoint.  Having your Black Belt certainly is more recognized in the general industry than the CQE is nowadays.  It used to be the CQE was the one companies were seeking.  The CQE does offer a broader approach to the quality profession than does being a Black Belt.  I would consider what industry you are in as to which other certifications to pursue.  There are ones in Healthcare, Biomedical and in the Service world that may be good augmentation to the BB.  

Personally, I took the CRE right after a grad class in Reliability.