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I am writing my CQA exam in a couple of weeks and am a little confused.  I thought it was only 165 multiple choice questions but I have seen reference on here to 'case studies'.  Also it is 5 hours long which doesn't make sense for 165 questions and I have seen in a couple of places that the passing grade required is '550/750' and I am not sure what that means.
Can someone please help me clear this up.
Thanks a lot.
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Duke Okes
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# of questions and amount of time is correct.  550 of 750 means it takes just over 70% to pass.
Trish Borzon
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Hi Rachel Foxton‍ - Welcome to myASQ and thank you for being a member!   I checked with our Certification team - here's their reply 

The exam is all multiple choice, 165 questions with 15 unscored questions. With the CQA there will be some multiple choice questions based on a short example case study, but the format is all multiple choice.

The CQA exam appointment is 5 ½ hours (estimated exam time is 5 hr 18 minutes after going through pretest instructions). The exams have different lengths based on the content and that can be found  here in the FAQ – What is the format of certification exams? - https://asq.org/cert/faq/faq-taking-exam

For more information about scoring we recommend reviewing the FAQs here: https://asq.org/cert/faq/faq-exam-results

We use scaled scoring so the passing score is always 550 or above, and it’s not necessarily based on a set percentage. It is scaled based on the difficulty of the exam form. Scaled scoring is explained here: https://asq.org/cert/faq/exam-grading-process

hope this helps! 
thanks very much @Trish Borzon that was very helpful - and interesting- to read and puts my mind at ease a bit.