Hi, I am Savan Goswami and i have 4 years of experience as a mechanical engineer. I am preparing for my CSSGB exam and my exam is on the 6th of December 2020. I have already covered the Six sigma green belt handbook also finished one online course from Udyme. 
Now I am taking quizzes from pocket prep. Do I need to do anything more than that ??
Do i refer to anything different material or anything? what should I do for my exam?
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Trish Borzon
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hi again!  That's a great start.  There are several discussion on here about cert prep. https://my.asq.org/search?query=ssgb
ASQ posts a sample exam that you may find to be useful: https://asq.org/cert/resource/pdf/sample-exam/ssgb-sample-exam.pdf
Good luck! 
I am not getting access to the example exam:
* When I click on the link, I am taken to the self-paced GB training page.
* When I copy/paste the URL into the browse, I get just a blank page.
I would like to use the sample exam as a pre-test before the class begins (a baseline and 'eye-opener' and/or as a post-test after the class to build confidence (or another 'eye-opener').  
What am I doing wrong in trying to get to the PDF file?
Trish Borzon
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Hi John Breckline‍ - It had not been updated to the new BoK, so was removed. For the CSSGB we do have the Study Guide in addition to the handbook that has practice questions. https://asq.org/quality-press/display-item?item=H1528

We’ve really geared towards the Question Banks to fulfill the simulated exam experience.

Theo Black
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I recommend buying the Indiana Council Green Belt Primer and Green Belt Solution Text. They will get you ready for the test. 

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