CSSBB (Black Belt) Practice Questions
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I'm prepearing for Black Belt, I already studied six sigma & advance statistics in my masters so it is not very difficult for me but i have problem finding practice questions. I already purchased ASQ recommend book by T.M.Kubaik which has questions in CD. I'm in process of purchasing ASQ CSSBB question bank. I have purchased Udemy course as well to preaper & clear my concept. 
I'm looking if anyone can remmend or share some questions with me which I can prepare. I feel like I should go through more questions. If anyone has material OR any links where to find which you can share would be great Appreciate the help
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Muhammad Tayyab‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for being a member!  The question bank & handbook are a great start.  We really can't 'share' questions but you can get tips from some of the other discussion here https://my.asq.org/search?query=cssbb 
Good Luck!  
Thanks Trish
Hi Muhammad,

The Quality Council of Indiana has exam study materials including a large bank of questions.  I have used them to help me prepare for the exam twice!  (I let my certification expire so I had to take the exam again to recertify.  Advice - Save yourself time and money and do what it takes to maintain your certification).  ASQ sells study materials as well, but I cannot speak to those.  The first time I took the exam, they had not yet been published.

After going through the study materials, I worked problems every night.  By working the questions I found gaps between my training and ASQ body of knowledge.  I also got faster and more confident.  Even if you think you know the material hands down, the practice will make you faster and more confident during the exam.

You'll do great,

Hi Muhammad, I used the handbook and the question bank as well. I also invested in the online material. It’s either presentations or videos on the content. That help me with doing the calculations and seeing it visually. And I tested multiple times on all the practice questions I had access to. I studied for about two months heavily and was able to pass it the first time. Good luck.
Hi Muhammad, 
Welcome to the ASQ community!
With regard to your Black Belt certification and finding practice questions, I recommend the primers and question bank from the Quality Council of Indiana. [https://www.qualitycouncil.com/ ]  
For my CCSSB exam, I read their primer and questions ( 1000 questions on a CD). Their questions are designed chapter-wise and with a timer, so you get a real feel of the exam!!
It did really help me a lot in passing the exam. 
Good luck with your certification!!