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Ahmed Isak
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Hello everyone:
I have a critical question and really appreciate having an answer.
I have a CQE Exam at end of December and just received the Handbook and the Study Guide. Is it enough to study from the Study Guide only as I don't have enough time with some more practice on Quantative Methods and Tools?
Thanks and Best wishes for all. 
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Hello. I saw your post in MyASQ.
You asked if the handbook and study guide were enough for the Quantitive section of the CQE exam with a December exam date.

The answer really depends on you. Are you familiar with inferential statistics? It helps if you are accustomed to performing these calculations in your everyday life. I myself was not. I knew this going in so I hired a statistics tutor a few months prior to taking the exam. It helped very much.

My advice is to be honest with yourself about stats from there you will be able to decide if the handbook and study guide is enough. You can postpone the test for a small fee if you feel you aren’t ready.

The exam is difficult. This is the truth. You will need to be prepared. The time limit really presents a problem when working out the quantitive questions. 

Also, in addition to the study guide and handbook I suggest getting the Quality Council of Indiana CQE primer. It is expensive but it will really help you out with the CQE exam. 

Cheers! Best of luck to you!

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Ahmed Isak
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Thank you for your valuable and prompt reply.

I just finished a one year "Process Quality Engineering" Diploma and I hope that makes things easier for me.   

You are very welcome. I forgot to mention another resource you may find helpful. 

There is a question bank you can access. You can use it as practice. It’s available on the ASQ website for a fee of course. This will give you a good idea what the exam is like.

Trish Borzon
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Ahmed Isak‍ - here's the link to the CQE question bank.
It is a good starting point.  CQE is one of the tougher exams and Kevin Manglos‍ is correct, you will need to know statistics.  
There are quite a few discussions on CQE - 
Good Luck!  
Ahmed Isak
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Thanks, Best Wishes
Ahmed Isak
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Thanks,Really appreciate it.
Carole Elm
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This and the CRE are some of the tougher certifications.  Years of practical experience definitely help to achieve a first time pass.  Don't expect to learn statistics in 2-3 months using the primer if never exposed to subject.  I got my CQE while working as a manufacturing process engineer but had several years of using SPC daily and a cert for prob&stats under my belt.

There are many free online statistics "courses".  Harvard has several on probability and statistics that run 7-10 weeks (
Hi Ahmed Isak‍, as other members have already told you the CQE exam is not easy and the time you will need will depend on your experience with the topics of the Book of Knowledge.

The study materials I used for preparing for the exam were:
- CQE handbook: Well written and I think that contains everything you should know for the exam, I found that the examples shown are excellent and provides you a good idea on how to apply the material.
- CQE study guide: Lots of questions, you should try to do as much exercises from the study guide as you can.
- Practice exams.
- CQE Training: is an Udemy course prepared by Sandeep Kumar‍, and I found that it was excellent.

As a recommendation, you should start doing a couple of practice exams so you can get a feeling on what the exam is about and also to help you identify what are the areas you need to prepare more.

Good luck!

Ahmed Isak
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Thanks, Appreciate it
Ahmed Isak
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Thanks and that's what I am trying to do at the moment.
Really appreciate it 
Hello Ahmed,
For the quantitative methods, reliability and acceptance sampling sections especially, I found the QCI CQE practice exam simulator to be very useful. And like other members have told you, the QCI Primer also makes taking the actual exam smoother by making reference easier.

All the Best!
Ahmed Isak
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Thanks for the advice.
I have a question? Are the exam question arranged the same as the Study book or randomized?
Ahmed Isak
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Thanks to Everyone for your advice. 
I have passed yesterday.
Wish you a happy new year