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Hello all, I have a quick question...

I am new to industry and was hired on to be quality manager for a start-up Pharma production company . Of course my education was what allowed me to take this position along with my computer skillset. My employer is trying to develop standards within our process, i.e. controlled documents, in process QA checks, Sampling etc.. We have been thinking about having me start with the Yellow Belt cert. exam just so we can get a foundation on where we want to go... I wanted to ask you all what pathway do would you recommend ? 
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Again!!  We have a newer tool to help you see what you might be qualified for.  https://asq.org/cert - Yellow Belt is always a good place to start.  

Good Luck
Another possibility might be CQIA.

Perhaps CQIA---->CSSGB----->CMQ/OE

Regardless, I really like your plan to pick up a certification or two before you try for the CQM/OE.  You can focus on smaller BOKs and getting experience in taking cert exams.before you try for a more difficult exam like the the CQM/OE.   Much higher probability of success than going straight to the CQM.

Good Luck!