Eligibilty for the CQE (decision making position)

My name is Clement and I have a Bachelors with 4 years experience is a quality related position.  I have 2 years plus as a quality engineer, supervisory position where I am in charge of various projects. The CQE requirements mentions 3 years in a decision making position. Please can anyone with experience in the certification process explain specifically what is seen as a decision making position by ASQ and what proof do I need to submit to show this.

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Duke Okes
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It would be easier if you described the responsibilities you've had during your 4 years experience.  And it doesn't have to be just in quality department, since many other positions are also responsible for quality activities (purchasing, engineering, ...).

And decision making means exactly that.  You make the decision, different from just doing something but someone else decides whether it is done.  For example, someone (1) might perform a test in a lab and record the results, but someone else (2) decides whether results are acceptable or not.  #1 is not in a decision making position.
Trish Borzon
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Hi Clement Obanya‍ - Welcome to myASQ!  I checked with our cert team, and yes, you should be fine. 
Good Luck!