Aloha ASQ Family,

I have a question for anyone able to share some knowledge about the exam prep. My weakness is in the hypothesis testing. Some context is below to expand on my situation.

I am about to take my CLSSBB exam for the third time. First was study text book only, second was textbook and CLSSBB question book with third party resources, and now for third attempt will do the online training. I missed the passing score by five questions. The portions I am have missed were out of Measure and Analyze. I noticed that these were due to hypothesis testing and how to prepare the data. I have taken three statistics courses (1 at bachelor level and 2 are at the graduate business level) stats and never seen this material before.

 My exam is on Sep 5 at 8 AM. I want to make sure that I properly prepare this time as I seem to be close in passing. Would anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time and energy spent on this matter.
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Hello Christopher,

I took my CSSBB last year and practiced the questions using the Quality Council of Indiana flash drive, which comes with 1,000 questions. You can read different materials but what really makes the difference on quantitative questions is practice. The more you practice these type of questions and understand why you got it wrong, the more confident you get to the exam. When trying to understand why you got a question wrong it is helpful to draw where possible (you can draw a normal distribution marking the mean and stdev for example, shade the area under the curve...that helps a lot visualizing the problem). The more you practice the questions the more confident you get and the faster you will be able to answer them in the exam. Good luck to you!

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Christopher, I've done 4 quality certifications. It sounds like you've had a pretty strong education in statistics, and just need to concentrate on the specific techniques and terms used in the exams. Although I have not taken CLSSBB exam, I have studied for other certifications using books from Quality Council of Indiana, and I share Ivy's enthusiasm.for their materials. Also, look for any recommended bibliography for the exam; that will be the reference material used to prepare the exam. I did not see one on the CLSSBB page, but perhaps it's buried elsewhere.

May I also suggest a couple of other little things? These may sound trivial, but I assure you this information is worth a few points.
  • Make sure you are comfortable while taking the exam - you don't want to be distracted by your clothes, your tummy, or a rock hard seat. I once read in an SAT exam prep book that having a pillow to sit on is worth 20 points on your combined score, and I take that advice seriously.
  • Thoughts on multiple choice questions: if two items mean the same thing, neither of them is the correct answer. If two items mean opposite things, chances are one of them is the correct answer.
Christopher, when I took it last year I used the textbook, question/answer book and the online training. I took about 2 months to study. Sometimes taking entire days to study the online training which was really helpful. I took as many practice tests as I could and dove into those I missed. Also when you test, do the quick/easy ones first then progress through the ones you don't know and have to research more. I made 2-4 passes through my questions so I could have the best opportunity to get them right and leave the unknown ones until later.  Good luck!
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Hey Christopher Branyord‍ - just wanted to take a moment to wish you GOOD LUCK tomorrow!  You can do it!  
Have a great weekend too