Green Belt vs. Black Belt Handbooks
Is all of the same information from the Green Belt handbook included in the Blackbelt handbook?  I was considering getting the Black Belt handbook as an all-inclusive Lean Six Sigma authoritative reference, but wasn't sure if this is appropriate or not.

Or, perhaps the Master Black Belt Handbook?  Would that book be all-encompassing of the Green and Black belt handbooks?
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The ASQ Handbooks were written to align with the respective Bodies of Knowledge, so there will be differences in the range of content.  All content is published by ASQ's Quality Press and subject to technical and editorial reviews, to ensure consistency.  Master Black Belt has a different emphasis and, while being a very good resource, would not directly correlate to the expected questions on the Green Belt exam.

I also recommend Juran's Quality Handbook (I have v4, v5, and v6) and the ASQ Lean Handbook (aligned to Lean Bronze exams).  The Green Belt Handbook actually had page limits, so if you want to move beyond the "Reader's Digest" summary, then Juran's Quality Handbooks cover the content used in Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, along with the majority of CQE, CQT, CQI, CPQA, CQIA, and portions of the other credentials as well.

Thank you.  I actually have Juran's Quality Handbook (V7), the CQE Handbook (V4), and now the CMQ/OE Handbook (V4).