CQA Certification Exam and the Online Question Bank
Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe out there!

I am scheduled to take the CQA one month from today. My exam was originally postponed due to COVID-19, so I decided to take advantage of that additional time and purchase the online question bank. I am glad that I did this as I found many questions that I struggled with. My question, is how much did the online question bank help you in preparing for the exam. I've been spending a lot of time reviewing, but I just want to be sure that there will be a good return on investment for my time.

Thank you!
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Hi Chris, 

I bought and used the question bank for my Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and it was a great help. Train you for the time for the exam, your accuracy, and while solving the questions you found references that can help you get deep. I think have it did a big difference.