Quality Certifications for Preclinical Pharmaceutical Scientists
I am a scientist that performs preclinical research in pharmaceutical development both in vivo (validation, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, etc.) and in vitro (screening, safety pharmacology, etc.). Is there an ideal certification for someone such as myself? Ideally, it would include some regulatory aspects (FDA, IHC, USDA) in preparation for IND applications leading up to the clinic.
I have considered Six Sigma Green Belt as it appears somewhat generalized, but have also looked into CPGP for the regulatory background albeit considerably past the level of development in which my work resides. Any input is appreciated!
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Aric - the Green Belt is more general of course.  So it really depends on where you want to go.  Have you tried the Cert Pathways tool?  It will let you know what you qualify for - https://asq.org/cert
good luck!