PMP Studying for Black Belt Exam
Kyle Boyle 13425
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I am currently a PMP (certified through PMI) and Im looking to take the Black Belt test in a few months.

Curious how the test compare and contrast ... has anyone else taken both exams and passed? Any recommendations or comments on the tests? Which was easier or harder overall?

Also- recommendations for study tips and resources. Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated! 
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Hi, Good luck.

The BoKs for PMP and CSSBB are considerably different.  

The bodies of knowledge are completely different.      You need to understand Bloom's Taxonomy and then review the CSSBB BOK to optimize your studying:


Isnt there also still a requirement of 2 6 Sigma projects? The candidate must submit these for review by the ASQ prior to sitting for the exam. 
Six Sigma Black Belt certification requires that you complete at least one Six Sigma project and submit a project affidavit.

I echo all the comments noted in this thread. BoKs are different. 
PMI and Six Sigma MBB here. 
Best way to prefer for the exam is as noted in other posts. Look at the recommended references for the BB exam and determine which areas you feel you need to study more deeply and get those references.

Jay Patel 613
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I found BB was easier than PMP. I passed PMP in 1983 as part of first batch. Both are totally different. BB needs to have Quality and Statistics knowledge while PMP is focused on Managing Projects. I found both certification provided lot of knowledge and experience helped to pass the exam.