ASQ CQA Certification suitability for GCP auditors
Melissa Andrade 12990
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Dear all,

I'm a Good Clinical Practices (GCP) auditor with 5 years auditing experience and +15 years experience in GCP related positions. Currently, as a conusltant, I'm wondering about taking ASQ CQA certification, but I'd like to hear from you if you consider this the most suitable ASQ certificate for GCP auditors or not relevant at all.

Thanks in advance,

Melissa Andrade.
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Duke Okes 1670
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Here are some thoughts/questions:

- Do you already have any sort of auditor certification?  If not, then CQA would at least establish that.
- Would the biomedical or food safety or pharmaceutical GMP certification be closer than the CQA to clinical?
- Why do you want to get a certification (e.g., personal satisfaction, establishing it as a sign of credibility to your potential clients) and will the CQA satisfy that interest?
Stephanie Gaulding 267
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Hi Melissa - The CQA focuses on the auditing process regardless of the standard you are auditing against, so it is certainly applicable to GCP audits. I agree with Duke's input that the CQA would establish your knowledge and understanding of the audit process as defined by the CQA Body of Knowlege. The CPGP certification isn't likely to get you what you are looking for as it doesn't have any real specifics on auditing in it. The Biomed certification includes the general auditing process but also has a lot of information specific to medical devices (CBA certification brochure). I personally went after the CQA because it was more general to auditing as a process versus a specific industry segment (I audit med devices, pharma, biotech, suppliers, GLP, etc.).