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Chao-Yen Lin 11232
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I see from a PDF stating a chart of recommended ASQ certification order by career track. In the category of Technical/Track of Engineer path, it shows CSSBB then CRE then CQE. How do I interpret this sequence? Does it mean the difficulty level, complexity, level of management and so on increase as the path goes? How would CSSBB, CRE and CQE apply in industry and how are they related to job market needs in the industry? Will a job opening require all of there or just one of three is enough for job interview? I am trying to filter and rank one or two certificates I need to take for future planning. Thanks for your inputs.
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Chao-Yen Lin‍, I'm not sure if increased difficulty is the correct classification. Basically it's as though each increase in level of certification is meant to reflect increased levels of experience or seniority of position. There is no required sequence or expectation, they are just arranged by increasing level in particular career paths or topics. I have only my CQA, though I have been trying to get to the point where I feel comfortable taking the CMQ/OE. I have never seen a job posting that required a complete series of certifications. I have seen a few that asked for a specific certification, but more frequently I have seen a generic reference to "ASQ Certifications such as..."

Hope that helps.
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Hi Chao-Yen Lin‍ - Amanda is correct.  

If you're looking at taking a cert I would recommend using the Cert Pathways tool.  It can help you to narrow down which cert would be best for you - and which you would qualify for 

Here are a few job listing that ask for ASQ Certification

Good luck! 
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Thank you very much for your explanation. It is very useful inputs.