Looking for AS9100 registrars
Andrew Egbert 5822
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I'm looking for AS9100 registrars. I'd like some recommendations. 
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Duke Okes 1670
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The IAQG OASIS database/website has a listing of AS 9100 registrars.  I don't know the exact process but expect they're vetted pretty well, given the industry risks.

Here's a link (signup is free): https://iaqg.org/tools/oasis/
Jameson Marriott 6116
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We use Performance Review Institute (PRI) and have been happy with them. They are reputable and rigorous and over the many years that we've used them I think we have only had one auditor that we felt did not do a good job. https://p-r-i.org/
Mary Winch 4103
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Do a search in ANAB database on AS9100 at  http://anabdirectory.remoteauditor.com/ - you can check recommended registrars like SGS, The Registrar Company or your State [United States]
I printed out  IAQG OASIS list of accredited registrars but can't attach it - connect with me on LinkedIn if you cant access it from Duke Okes link.