ASQ Study Guide for CMQ/OE?
Jeffrey Wenzel 6557
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I'm looking to take my CMQ/OE exam this year, after I take the "Intro to Quality Management" and CMQ/OE Certification Prep classes.  I noticed that there is not a "ASQ CQM/OE Study Guide," similar to the ASQ CQE Study Guide that I used for studying for that exam, which I passed in December.  The CQE Study Guide was a fantastic resource, so much so that I did not to purchase the online question bank. 

Is there anything comparable to the CQE Study Guide for the CMQ/OE exam?
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Marnie Ham 8234
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Yes, Indian Quality Council has a study guide.  There is also a textbook.
I also saw a session available at a conference.

I took my exam before the essays were removed.  I was part of a study group ran out of my local chapter for people taking the CMQ/OE exam at that time, we focused on the essays.

Good Luck, 
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Interested CMQ/OE Cert Exam Prep readers might want to follow the Sept-2019 into Jan-2020 discussions about timing of 5th Edition of the ASQ CMQ/OE Handbook release-- Forecasted for mid-2020 or later.
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This handbook thoroughly prepares individuals for the ASQ CMQ/OE exam, the real value resides in post-exam usage as a day-to-day reference source for assessing quality applications and methodologies in daily processes. Learning is always interesting, but difficult. It’s good that now there is an assistant in training such as free essay websites. Absolutely free of charge, you can use ready-made essays while creating your own personal work.
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I passed my exam last week.
I had the CMQ/OE primer from Quality Council of Indiana and the CMQ handbook from ASQ as reference for the exam and studied them over 4 months before the test.
The biggest advice I'd suggest is to get the practice exam from the Quality Council of Indiana and the Practice question bank from ASQ.  Save a half hour a day on your calendar to go through these questions and learn how to take the exam and understand how questions are constructed.   I think the practice exams are what helped me be able to pass the exam on the first try.

Good luck.  It takes some time and effort, but it's doable.