ASQ Certified Biomedical Auditor (CBA) Certification Preparation
Hello All,
I am new to this forum and hope this will be a great starting point.
I am deciding to take the CBA exam in the January Testing window. Does anyone have recent experience of the exam? Please, can you suggest some resources? Are the Primer from Indiana Council of Quality good resource? 
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Trish Borzon
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HI Priti
I always suggest people start with the question bank - it helps to narrow down your strengths/weaknesses and allows you to focus on certain areas.   The handbook for the exam is also great as you can bring it into the exam.  Be sure to tab out specific areas for quick reference
Review the BoK
Also check out some of the other discussions.  There are several that feature tips for exams in general. 
good luck!
Hi Trish,
Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry about the delayed response from my side.
Thinking of signing up for the following courses as well. Do you have any experience with these?
  • ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Fundamentals I Online Course
  • ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Fundamentals II Online Course
  • ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Fundamentals III Online Course
Hi Priti,

I passed the exam in September 2018. Like Trish, I would also suggest you start with the Book of Knowledge and the Question Bank.

Try taking one sample exam from the Question Bank to get an idea on what kind of questions to expect and to gather reference materials as you go. If the exam rules haven't changed, you should still be able to bring as many book/paper-based reference materials as you can, so definitely take advantage of that.

Personally, I also found the CBA Handbook quite handy and comprehensive (covers perhaps 60% of the topics). I did not purchase any of the online courses, and didn't think I needed them. The only online preparation I had was the Question Bank.

Good luck.