MBB exam

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MBB exam

Posted by Margaret Barding on Jun 1, 2019 1:38 pm

Just and FYI for those going to test in July for the MBB exam.  The BOK that is on the website is the 2018 revised BOK, which is what the test is on, however, the book that is available is the 2010 BOK, so there are several items not in the book that will be on the test.  I spent several hours the other day reconciling the BOK to the book and notating the differences. Anyone that is prepping for this test, please share your feedback here so we can all learn and be prepared for it. Also is you have tips for testing the written part, would appreciate that too. Thanks!

Re: MBB exam

Posted by Margaret Barding on Aug 2, 2019 7:23 am

Well despite getting any tips and tricks on here I did pass my MBB!  So happy the studying is over!  You really can't study for the essay part and I just read the MBB book and tabbed it out like the BB book.  I did take both and needed them both for the test.  They graded in about 2 weeks so that was better than waiting the extra week. 😃