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Good afternoon!  I am new to ASQ and I am going to be applying to take the CSSBB exam in July.  I just finished up the 16 week Villanova Black Belt course and want to get ASQ certified.  I am also a Villanova Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (4 years) and work in process improvement at a mid-sized bank in the northeast region of the US.  I have been told to get the QCOI Primer and Solutions Text as well as the Certified SSBB Handbook, third edition to use as study material and to bring to my computer-based exam.  Any best practices that I should know to prepare or while taking the exam?  I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you so much!

Danielle LaMancuso
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1. Do a lot of practice questions.
2. Get to know your reference materials. Tab and highlight everything. 
3. Have a test strategy. Time management is key. I have passed the CQE, CQA, CRE, CMQ/OE, CSSBB, and the CMBB using the same strategy. Round 1 answer only the questions you know the answer to. Round 2 answer those questions where you know the answer is in the reference materials. Round 3 do calculations. Round 4 do your book surfing for answers. Round 5 do a final check all questions are answered.
4. Do a dry run to the test location the day before if possible so you are not stressed out right before the exam. Arrive early to the site.
5. If you get stuck studying go to the Six Sigma Forum community. You'll likely get an answer there. 
Thank you so much for the insight, Joseph!  I truly appreciate your tips.  Have a great day!

Trish Borzon
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Welcome to ASQ Danielle!  Joe gave GREAT answers.  Good luck on your exam! 
Amanda Foster
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Welcome Danielle Lamancuso‍!
Thank you, Amanda and Trish!  I am happy to be part of ASQ!
  • YouTube videos on variety of topics covered in the syllabus are helpful.
  • QCI has an practice questions CD with about 1000 questions.
  • The key skill is to be able to select the best answer from the choices
  • QCI study material on CSSBB is excellent
Danielle, I started studying in January and took my BB in March and passed! Joseph is right on with all his recommendations.  I purchased the BB handbook and most all the other books, but that one and the study guide are the ones I would recommend. I studied about 2 full days a week for those two months and took as many practice tests as I could.  Always going back to see what I got wrong and mark up my book correctly.  I have mine tabbed with the stiff tabs for the major sections on the right side and hot topics across the top. I used my index and glossary a lot too during the test.  I also paid for the web based training and that was invaluable for me. I lagged on some stats and it helped clarify things for me.  Also they say that course is about 40 hours, I took about 70 to go through it.  It's a lot of info!  I am currently studying for my master BB and take that in July too. Good luck!
Thanks to everyone for all of your helpful advice.  I took the ASQ CSSBB exam yesterday and passed!!  I am ecstatic!!  This is a great community!!
I will also be sitting for SSBB exam in my country(Nigeria). Am sure your advice will go a long way. 
Trish Borzon
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Congratulations Danielle!
Hi, I'm ASQ CSSBB. I would suggest to stick to the ASQ CSSBB Handbook. Other primers don't cover the certificate BoK. Good luck !

Let me know if you need help.. 
Thanks, I passed the exams. Now a ssbb Certified
Congrats, Lateef!
Hello Danielle,

What ended up being your strategy? I'm starting to study for the CSSBB test. I will be taking it in March 2020.

Best regards,

Marcel Giraldo
Hi Marcel,
I am happy to hear you will be sitting for your ASQ CSSBB.... you won't regret this decision!  My strategy for studying was mainly using the CSSBB Primer by the Quality Council of Indiana and the CSSBB Handbook, 3rd Edition which also comes with a CD of questions.  My advice is go over each section in the Primer and test yourself multiple times until you feel that you have mastered the content and have gotten the majority of the questions correct. Don't forget to get the Solutions text when you buy the primer so you can look up the reasons for the answers.  After you have done this with each individual section, then take as many full practice exams as you can.... the more the better!! For the two weeks prior to your exams, make sure you study the sections you had the most trouble with.  During the actual exam, follow the 30-60-90 rule for answering questions.  Go back to any complex questions you can't answer quickly.  You will find you have plenty of time if you follow this structure.  Good luck to you!  Study hard and remember to do as many practice exams as possible! 

Hello Joseph,

Any advice on tabbing the books out?
Susan,   I have mine tabbed with the stiff tabs for the major sections on the right side and hot topics across the top. You will also use your glossary and index quite frequently.  Good luck.
Hello Lateef,
Please can you share your strategy?
A had 8 weeks study plan. Completed studying the asq ssbb hand book in 4 weeks with comprehensive note taking(Helped alot during revision, saved me from reading handbook over again) . Purchased asq black belt question blank, honestly i must confess it was so helpful.
During the exam i stick to the 30,60 and 90 rule. Exam is not so difficult if well prepared with a good plan