ASQ-CQA Certification
Hello Friends,

I am Satya working with Solara Activie pharma sciences,, India,  as a head-QC. I want to get the ASQ-CQA ( Certified Quality Auditor) & CQI.

Can any one suggest and guide me how to prepare for the exam and get the required data collection. It would be great if they can send details on my mail id

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Amanda Foster
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When I got my CQA I relied on the ASQ Auditing Handbook and the online question bank. Both are available on
Trish Borzon
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Here are the direct links to the content Amanda mentioned 
Handbook - 
Question Bank 

And here's the practice exam 
Good luck! 
I used the ASQ Auditing Handbook, the ASQ Question Bank, and a book by Dennis R Arter, Quality Audits for Improved Performance (This book is amazing!). Would advise that you use it as well.

Thank you all for the suggestions given
Hi everyone,

This is Charles. I just registered for CQA exam in upcoming Feb. I have a handbook to start to read. I know it is open book so I can bring the handbook with me. what else books do you suggest to bring with to exam room. Will there be time to check books as I know it is many questions and I don't have much time to check books.

Thank you.
Amanda Foster
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CHAO-YEN LIN‍ I had time to check my resources on a couple of items when I took the CQA. I placed bookmarks ahead of time  in sections I thought I would need to reference during the exam, which was very helpful. I found that the best study tool for me was the exam question bank. It helped me prepare, and to identify my areas of weakness where I needed to focus more study energy. All the best as you prepare!
Duke Okes
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A copy of ISO 19011 Guidelines for Auditing?  I took the ANSI version when I took the exam (decades ago!) and found it useful.
Thank you all for the inputs.
I just passed CQA exam. I found that the exam is much more challenging than I expected. To prepare for exam, I mostly reviewed the question bank and I used most of my time on question bank but not much in handbook. If you really review the 450 questions and answers, that'd take much of your time. In exam, when I finished about 140 questions, after that it is all case study questions that I have to read longer question content than the shorter ones and also I have to cross reference to many PDF documents which makes it more difficult before end of the exam. Lastly, I found all you guys suggestions very very useful and I thank you all for that.

Hello Trish,
Is there a difference between the "Question Bank" and the "Practice Test" you've mentioned here.

Trish Borzon
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The practice test is just an example of the exam, which you can check your answers (answers on the last page) and Free.  The Question back in online/interactive - it will show you the results in each category so you can brush up on those areas - member price is $99.