Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Posted by Brian Paige on Feb 18, 2019 1:29 pm

I'm a new member and joined primarily to get trained and certified for six sigma green belt.  I'm corporate counsel for a publicly-traded, international tech company and want to apply this toward improving contracting processes w/n my company.  I'm new to six sigma and work full time, so initially focused on ASQ web-based, go-at-your-own-pace training, and then plan to attempt certification through ASQ.  Looking at the ASQ training, there seems to be two options: certification six sigma green belt cert program (about $700 to members) and lean six sigma green belt (about $2,000 to members).  The first is much shorter/less expensive, but is described as a refresher and not training.  Given my background and objectives, would appreciate recommendations on how best to get trained/ready for certification.  Thanks.


Re: Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Posted by Andrea Gural on Mar 16, 2019 4:12 am

My opinion may be different but the facts that follow are objective and necessities needed for you are in both Green and Black Belt training!  First let’s talk about the CSSYB and the CSSGB.  All test takers should have a solid grasp on the basics of quality such as: concepts, definitions, proper use of diagrams or charts, and many others.  Green Belts aren’t in the same ballpark with the Yellow Belt, the gatherers of data and information so that it can be organized for evaluation.  You’ll notice how drastically different requirements for each of the 3 main belts after you see the Green and Black Belt knowledge that is necessary.
2. Statistical Process Control (SPC) 
3. Control Charts, how to use them and when 

4. (FMEA) Failure Modes and Effects Analysis 
5. PDAC (Plan Do Act Check Cycle)

6.  Continuous Improvement
7.  Continuous Improvement Process Control

Statistics is simply the collection, processing, interpretation and presentation of your own work which is made possible once you master your current role and belt responsibilities.  Here are some topics that the CSSSBB exam covers. **You need to study and know statistics for the Black Belt exam and for proficiency.

  • Parameter, Differences of inferential vs descriptive statistics
  • Independent variable vs dependent variables, Correlation vs causation
  • Sample size, Population size, data set(s), organizing data
  • Validity, frequency and freq. distribution 
  • Graphing, charts, analyzing and interpreting graphs or charts
  •  Histogram, Scatterplot, Bar graph, Pie chart
  • How to read a distribution (bell curves, slope, correlation
  • Scatterplots and correlation/ negative or positive spread/slope
  • Correlation coefficients, skewed distributions, skewed frequency
  •  Confidence, confidence intervals,   
  • ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  • Sample t-tests (two-sample t-tests, one-sample-t test, independent t-test)
  • Probability outcomes, definition and function of null hypothesis where n = sample population less than 100
  • Chi-square independence test (for testing IF two categorical variables are related in some population. Random sample of n = >100)
So in summary, the green belt test is quite simple if you've been in a career for years, especially if you're in a technical field which you seemingly are as General Counsel -- you've passed the LSAT and the Bar exam, so my hopes are high that you'll do a great job with preparation given you already possess the critical thinking, logic, analytical skills etc... In fact I sat for LSAT myself so I know the test, and though I did well I didn't pursue for the sake of not wanting to incur all the debt with it.   I did however learn that if you can think like the creators of a standardized test think (the LSAT) then getting your CSSGB should be straightforward, easy peasy. 

Let me know if you have questions or need resources (I believe I have a book I purchased from ASQ Getting a Green Belt) 

Good luck!
Andrea Gural, SPHR
Treasurer, ASQ
Human Development & Leadership Division
Andrea Oller Gural , SPHR