Hi everbody, I am a Quality Coordinator in the Project Management Team of Socar Turkey Aegean Refinery STAR Project. I have bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering. I am a member of ASQ since 2010 and a certified manager of quality/organizational excellence. I am a Technical Reviewer of Quality Progress.
I have more than twenty years experience in quality management basically manufacturing and erection of process and storage equipment related with petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries and power plants, such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, process columns, steam boilers, heavy structural steel construction for industrial plants and pipe lines.
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Amanda Foster
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Glad to have you with us Mehmet Onur Artan‍!
Welcome, Mehmet Onur Artan‍!

Hi @Mehmet Onur Artan

I saw your article Flying Start in Quality Progress, December 2019 posted in the ASQ Design and Construction Division community page. Your article is well written and provides a great checklist for new Project Quality Managers in Construction. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.