Introducing myself

Hello everyone, my name is Francois Kammoe, PhD. I am a relatively advanced quality professional and joined ASQ a few months ago.

I am a consultant in project management and a researcher in management and leadership with over 17 years of experience in large-scale IT, telecommunications, and banking environments. For the moment, I am working in the banking industry.

The challenge I am trying to address is to finalize and popularize my research related to the development of a new dynamic leadership theory based on the dynamism level of the organization and the maturity level of the employee in order to help improve organizational and employee outcomes.

I hope to meet and work with recognized scholars and gurus in the field of leadership and quality.

Thank you.

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Trish Borzon
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@Francois Kammoe

Hi and welcome to the community! Do you have a survey or a way to gather feedback and Voice of the Customer? I'd be happy to post on various channels within ASQ.
Best of luck