Introduce yourself

Howzit everyone. My name is Janis “JoJo” Silvano & I currently work as a Sr. Metrology Technican/Consultant. I got my start in Quality when I was in the United States Navy & did that for about 16 years. I started as a CDI(Collateral Duty Inspector) and worked up to being QAR (Quality Duty Inspector) working in Quality Assurance. My work experience include working on air craft equipment in EA6Bs & C2s; 2M (micro-min soldering); instructor/facilitator & Metrology. After the military, I was fortunate to get into the pharmaceutical industry with my metrology background. I have always been curious about joining ASQ since I started working in the civilian sector in 2007 but only became a member just recently. I hope to get a couple of the certifications, add to my growing network, and gain more knowledge & tools to my tool box.