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Loan Ngo
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My name is actually Loan Ngo but most western speakers would mispronounce my name. In my professional life, I have given myself the nickname “Q”, which is short for Quality and, I happen to like the fictional character Q in James Bond and in Star Trek. In the last 5 years, I have been the corporate Quality Leader for a ~8B construction company. Prior to that, I was in Manufacturing sector in aerospace, automotive, Metals & Minerals, and then Chemical Processing. At this point in my career, I am thinking a whole lot more about future Quality Leaders.

I could use a little guidance; I would like to get more involved in the Women in Quality forum. Is there a current leader for that group I can reach out to learn how I can be an active member in the cause?

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Trish Borzon
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@Loan Ngo Welcome Q!!! I love that.

We don't formally have a Women in Quality Forum, but will be hosting a virtual event in December - the Women in Quality Symposium.

Here are a few wonderful women at ASQ - @Aimee Siegler, @Janet Lentz, @Susan Gorveatte, @Grace Duffy

You may be interested in joining the Women in Quality LinkedIn group as well.

All my best


@Loan Ngo It's great to “meet” you. Welcome. There are many opportunities to get involved. Currently, WCQI is seeking proposals for speakers, later on, there will be opportunities for Volunteers on-site in Philadelphia. You can always write an article for the quality management division Quality Forum publication. Details are included on the QMD Page of MyASQ. Check it out! Good luck!

@Loan Ngo - welcome. Please feel free to join and post on the LinkedIn group - that is all that is currently active.