Since 2016 I have been enrolled in a doctoral program at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. In 2022 I advanced to the status of Doctoral Candidate. This means I am in the data collection phase of the study. I currently am approximately 50% complete with the individual interviews.

However, the recruitment process has not been easy. My study involves the experiences of site leadership at manufacturing plants located in the United States. Specifically, their experiences related to the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 focused on risk-based thinking.

I am posting this here in an attempt to either recruit participants (if that is allowed in this forum) or to obtain permission to recruit via ASQ LinkedIn groups. This was suggested to me by John Van Slyke, ASQ Senior Communications Specialist.

I have a recruitment letter and flyer that I can share should you want to review the details of the study. You could also share these documents with anyone you feel may qualify to participate. DM me if you want the documents.

Ernie Blanchard

Doctoral Candidate

Grand Canyon UniversityRecruitment Letter_2-12-22.pdf

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Janet Lentz
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Do offshoots of ISO 9001 count, e.g. AS9100D?

Trish Borzon
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@Ernest Blanchard
Go ahead! I can post on LinkedIn for you too - just send me the details. I look for other opportunities to help too.

Best of luck!

@Janet Lentz
As long as they have a separate certificate or have implemented ISO 9001 I have accepted them. For example, my last participant interviewed worked at a company that was ISO 9001 but also ISO 13485.

@Trish Borzon
I just wanted to clarify. Are we talking about the ASQ Certified Quality management group on LinkedIn or a different group? I need clarification because my Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires that I obtain site approval before posting. If the approval is for one group or for others could you clarify so I can make sure to meet the GCU IRB requirements?

Trish Borzon
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@Ernest Blanchard
It would be the ASQ LinkedIn group page. I would think you could just get my permission & not have to go to LinkedIn, but am not sure of your requirements

@Ernest Blanchard
Ernest, you are more than welcome to post your Recruitment Letter on the ASQ Phoenix Section's myASQ community site. We have a “Jobs Board” as a standing category on our Discussions page.

ASQ Phoenix Section Chair & myASQ Owner