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Greetings from the Tampa Bay Area!

My name is Krupali (pronounced: crew-paw-lee) and I’ve been an ASQ professional membership holder since 2017. I’ve been working in the product quality assurance field for coming on 10 years now and still have a boatload to learn and discover. My experience in QA has been in food manufacturing, dietary supplements, medical device, food testing, drug products, and have recently delved into the world of controlled substances/pharmaceuticals. Currently I am a CQA (previously a CFSQA) and am a Sr. QA Associate in the quasi e-commerce pharmaceuticals industry (encompassing/overseeing a variety of products including dietary products, drug products, medical device, and controlled substances). I’m hoping to successfully join the leadership committee of my local ASQ section chapter and cast a wider network through in-person and online events.

Looking forward to connecting with more ASQ members via in-person and online events. Cheers!

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Krupali Joshi

Welcome to myASQ and thanks for renewing your membership! I'm sure the St. Petersburg-Tampa section would be happy to have you help!

It looks like their next meeting in coming up (Virtual) Monday, June 14th. Check out their group for more details.

Thanks for posting & feel free to contact me if you have any questions.