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I'm Robin Gatton. I am a Quality Assurance Manager for a government contractor (services industry). I recently obtained my CMQ/OE certification in March and I'm looking to get involved in an ASQ section to continue to learn and grow. My biggest issue right now is that I live in the Southern Maryland area and do not have a lot of quality connections. I'm hoping to meet new people and learn where my career could take me. Thanks!

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Janet Lentz
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Hello Robin! Congratulations on your CMQ/QE certification. Philadelphia ASQ has monthly, free webinars. You are welcome to join us. Our community here on ASQ is public, so check it out if you want to meet some new people.

Trish Borzon
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@Robin Gatton - Congratulations on your CMQ/OE!

You might be interested in joining the Service and Government divisions too - included in your membership, just call customer care to add them to your membership.

Many of the sections are still having virtual meetings and are open to all members.