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Hello everyone. I've been a Quality Supervisor for a medical device repair facility for a year now. Prior to this promotion, I was a team lead for 3 years. I've been in a Quality specific role for about 7 years to date. I'm struggling with not getting enough leadership training. I've read several books and have had some success from those. However, my caring side struggles with motivating my team. It is exhausting mentally. Another area I'm trying to improve is my knowledge of ISO 13485:2016. I've registered for a two day course in June with ASQ to hopefully help me in this area. I hope to meet individuals that have been in my shoes that can help me by learning from their mistakes and/or hind-sights. I look forward to becoming more knowledgeable in leadership skills, learn Quality like never before, and try to make "my world" a better place. Thank you.

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Hi Billy, my name is Daniel Graves. I was just training someone this week and had been thinking about and talking about how I wish I was wiser about when to tough and when to be tender!

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Billy Elswick - Welcome to myASQ!

Sorry that your having a tough time - but completely understand! We do offer training for “Soft Skills” that you might find useful.

@Duke Okes , @Grace Duffy - do you have any suggestions for leadership training?

All my best!


Grace Duffy
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Billy, I applaud your desire to improve your leadership skills. Yes, supervisory skills are a bit different than team leader skills. Holding an employee's performance plan and having accountability for rating their performance is a critical responsibility. We want to do it correctly and fairly. Agreed, that taking formal training, whether F2F or virtual, in leadership AND supervisory skills is most preferred. Getting away from the workplace to engage in uninterrupted study and practice activities is best. If that is not possible, check out the Body of Knowledge for the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality /Organizational Excellence. It has sections for both leadership and supervisory/ management skills. The Handbook for the CMQ/OE is well written by those who are current or have been successful managers. Another place to look would be the series of books, mostly business oriented, by Stephen R. Covey and his son, Stephen M. R. Covey. Both focus on core criteria for successful leadership and human relations management. Skills like listening, empathy, trust, integrity, honesty, focus, goal setting, and data-based decision making are threaded through most of their books. The Covey Leadership Institute does have virtual, self-study training, I believe. Even if you purchased a used Management 101 textbook from your local university bookstore, that would give you some pointers.

Best wishes. Grace Duffy, CMQ/OE, Sr. Manager (retired) IBM, Past- Chair, Business Department, Trident Technical College.

Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely check out the suggested reading. Concerning the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality. Would it be better to pursue that avenue or the Green Belt certification route? Thanks,

Grace Duffy
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The Green Belt is an excellent team leader training tool. It is not meant to supply the level of understanding for supervisory personnel management or general business management the way we designed the Quality Manager BoK. If you wanted to work up to the more intense CMQ/OE, the Green Belt is a great place to start. It will not meet what I think you are looking for, however.

Grace, thank you. Sorry for the late response. I'll look into the Quality Manager Certification as well. Thank you again.

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Any leadership book by John Maxwell is well worth the read. Also, remember that you can’t motivate anyone to do anything. People can only motivate themselves. As leader, your job is to create an environment where people feel safe to learn from mistakes and try new things. LinkedIn has many articles on the importance of empathy in leadership worth reading. I hope you will consider joining the Human Development and Leadership Division here at ASQ and the Team and Workplace Excellence Division.