My name is Nicholas White. I am currently a Director of Engineering in the biopharmaceutical industry. My level of experience in Total Quality Management is advanced and use it in just about every way of making a decision. Some of the big challenges I am currently trying to work on is building out a dashboard to highlight the Cost of Poor Quality. I want to integrate a tool with my finance colleagues to identify waste and highlight that there is some opportunity if we look at things differently. My goal is to meet other colleagues in ASQ and find resources as this is my roots of where it all began for me 12 years ago. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone.

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Trish Borzon
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Welcome Nicholas! Thanks for being a member. We have a great community here - Tagging a few members who might be able to help

@Duke Okes , @Grace Duffy , @Steven Prevette , @Andre Kleyner - any suggestions?

thanks all!

Let me know if you have any questions - happy to help


Hello Nicholas,

If your product is under warranty, then one of the metrics of poor quality could be the cost of warranty. You can track down the current cost and also the expected warranty cost at the end of a warranty period by doing a life data analysis of your field returns.

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Doug Wood has written books on the topic, published by ASQ.

I am experienced in building dashboards and reports in Excel with a high degree of automation. They are also based upon Statistical Process Control for color coding. See this presentation for details or the methodology. Statistical Process Control Dashboards - YouTube I am open to collaboration.