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Good afternoon all,

My name is Mark and I work as the Quality Manager for a mid-sized agricultural manufacturer in rural Saskatchewan (Canada). I'm new to ASQ but have worked previously in roles where quality was a component of the job. This would be my first role where quality is the primary responsibility.

The biggest challenge I'm facing is quantifying the true costs of quality so senior management can make more informed decisions in all facets of the organization.

What I hope to get out of joining ASQ is two-fold… the first is to get more data and resources to be able to do my job well, the second is being able to connect with similar professionals in western Canada to create a collaborate environment.

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Mark Taylor

Welcome to myASQ and thank you for joining! We have a LOT of resources on Cost of Quality. here are a few

Just click on the different tab for various content types.

I feel like I'm ALMOST Canadian…born/raised in ND. 😀 Tagging some favorite Canadians in your area (ish) @Gary Gehring, @Rajeev Chadha, @Daniel Zrymiak

best of luck!


Hello @Mark Taylor , I am from Saskatchewan as well and current affiliated with ASQ Saskatchewan. For Cost of Quality, a good starting point is to join the Quality Management Division as there are a number of articles and resources on this topic.

or you can watch this video I did with ASQ Lean Enterprise Division

Hi Mark,

This is Rajeev from Saskatoon. Currently, I work for the Ministry of Industry of the Government of Canada. I've been a member of ASQ for many years. It would be helpful if we could talk over the phone or through Zoom. Please email me at with a few time options to schedule a call this week or next.

Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead.