New to ASQ - Memphis, TN
  • What is your level of quality experience (e.g., new to quality, mid-career, advanced)?
    • I have been loosely studying Lean and Six Sigma over the last year but am still very green. I am over our quality control department.
  • What industry are you in (e.g., manufacturing, healthcare, service)?
    • We sell laptops and laptop parts to K-12 schools in the US
  • What's a challenge you're tackling or question you're thinking through right now?
    • Implementing Six Sigma and Lean into the company and how to implement change
  • Who do you hope to meet by joining myASQ?
    • Meeting other quality professionals that I can network with and learn from
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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Derek McLarty

Welcome to myASQ & thanks for becoming a member!

You say you're still green in lean and six sigma - maybe you should try for the Green Belt Cert then! (my sad attempt at humor).

You might want to add a couple more technical communities to your membership. Particularly the Lean Enterprise Division and the Six Sigma Forum - all are included in your membership. Just let me know if you'd like to add them & I can make that happen.

All my Best


Hi @Trish Borzon

Being added to those two groups would be great! Thanks you for the warm welcome.