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Hello fellow quality practitioners, my name is Telford Locklear. I have been a member of ASQ for approximately 10 years, and have been part of two sections in North Carolina. In my current section (1109, Central NC), I have held the position of treasurer, and am chair-elect for 2022-2023. I have been involved in different elements of quality my entire career, starting with quality control in the pharmaceutical industry (analytical chemistry focus) and (since 2011) focused on process improvement and quality engineering in consumer goods, medical devices, and food manufacturing industries.

I think one of our biggest challenges is to make the section relevant to a new generation of current (and potential) quality practitioners. We have some initiatives in place, and am interested in how other sections are tackling what is likely a challenge elsewhere as well.

In my role as section chair, I am also very much interested in shining a light on lean and Six Sigma. This would include understanding the challenges local businesses are facing, how they are using these techniques to tackle those challenges, and sharing best practices.

I look forward to increased engagement with members of the myASQ community in my future role as section chair.

Best regards,

Telford Locklear

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Telford Locklear

Thanks for joining us here on myASQ and volunteering in your local section!

@John Breckline , @Robert Mitchell, @Karen Maskell might be able to give you some tips for your section.

Also check out the Member Leader group.

All my best


I would be happy to share what we in the ASQ Phoenix Section are doing to recruit and engage students and early career professionals, including:

  • Judging in the local (state-level) “Future City” competition of 6th-8th graders
  • Participation in Science Fairs and Career Fairs
  • ASU student branch
  • NexGen committee
  • Social media platforms
  • Virtual Program meetings with breakout networking rooms
  • Program presentations on “hard” (technical) and “soft” (interpersonal) and career advancement topics
  • Forming allied association “partnerships” to increase our quality toolbox and our Section visibility
  • Increasing our reach with Organization member primary contacts