Hi there | New ASQ Member | Please add me as a friend on this site :-)

Hi there! You don't know me yet. I am a new ASQ member. My name is Everett Bracken, and I run a global executive recruiting firm. Earlier, I was in the U.S. Army and worked at a couple of NYSE organizations.

Feel free to add me as a friend on this site. I hope you have a great week.

Best regards,
Everett Bracken | ebracken@volocareers.com

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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Everett Bracken - Welcome to myASQ! There are lot of wonderful people here. You can click on the Members tab at the top to connect with other member or use the ASQ Career Center to post job opening.

Good Luck


Thank you for your reply, Trish.

Since the gigs are confidential (e.g., launching a new product line & replacing an executive), we cannot send out a job description or post it. That stated, our quality gigs are segmented into three roles:

  • VP/Senior Director Quality (base, bonus & LTIs) at HQ or responsible for quality operations within all plants within an SBU.
  • Director of Quality ($180s-low $200s plus bonus). Responsible for the entire quality operations at a large manufacturing site or a few small manufacturing sites.
  • Manager of Quality. It’s a first-level management role at a manufacturing site; rarely is it for HQ.

Networking is our primary method for finding extraordinary talent.. 76% of U.S. adult women earning between $178,500 and $438,200 annual base salary that VOLO networks with don't use social media so feel free to share my contact information with any friends looking for a new opportunity.

BTW, I used to live in Whitefish Bay. Loved Milwaukee in the summer.


Everett Bracken | ebracken@volocareers.com | Office: 859-523-3071

Trish Borzon
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😀 Milwaukee is a pretty cool town….and now with the Bucks playing it's gone full on BUCKS CRAZY! (which is fun). Bucks in 6!

Jayet Moon
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Hi @Everett Bracken are you based out of DE? If so, would love to have you join our local Delaware section.