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Hello everyone,
I'm new to ASQ and fairly new to the quality world. I work for a small (less than 50 associates) manufacturing comparing in northeast Ohio. I have been with the company for 2.5 years and before that I was a stay at home mom of 4 boys for 10 years. I started in production and stayed there for about 1.5 years then got pulled to help in quality, while helping I still maintained my role in production for approximately 6 months, and now I have been doing quality full time for 6 months. Along with my quality role I'm also one of our three ISO 9001:2015 certified internal quality auditors and in charge of all of our tool calibrations, plus many other things that go along with working in a small company.
Right now I'm finding that my biggest problem is corrective actions. We currently use the 5 why system to get to our root cause, and I know that there are many other ways out there, but I'd like to get some feedback on what everyone uses and how you all go about corrective actions. Do you use one set method or do you implement different ones for variety? Right now I'm my own quality team, so that makes it a bit difficult at times.
Any and all advise is welcome.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Brittany Braun‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for joining! I'm sorry for my delayed welcome, I was out for a bit. I was a stay at home mom for about 9 years with 2 girls and a boy. When I first read your message, I read it as 4 boys and 10 girls. lol

Sounds like you've come a long way in a short time - congratulations on that! There are several conversations here concerning Correction action and root cause that you might find useful

Duke Okes‍ , Grace Duffy‍ , Jeremiah Genest,‍ Scott Bishop‍ - could you give your insights?
Duke Okes
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8-D, A3, DMAIC, Kepner-Tregoe, and many other processes are used by different organizations. Some use the same for all CARs, and others use simpler methods vs. complex methods depending on the seriousness (risk) of the situation. I will take the liberty of recommending my book on Root Cause/Corrective Action published by ASQ. It shows a 10-step process that parallels these. ASQ also offers courses on it.