ISO 9001:2015 Clause 9.1.3 - Analysis and Evaluation
Hi All,
I am Andrew, a quality auditor and needs help on how to analyse and evaluate data arising from monitoring and measurement. Is there any template for this or a simple case study related to this that would serve as a guide? Thank you for your anticipated help.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Dienye Atemie‍ (Andrew) - I'm going to tag a few members who might be able to help. We do have a LOT of template available in our learn about quality area

Daniel Zrymiak‍ , Duke Okes‍ , Jennifer Admussen‍ - do you have any suggestions?
Duke Okes
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Are you asking: 1) how as an auditor you would assess compliance to this element of the standard, or 2) how as any member of the organization you should analyze/evaluate data/information that you are responsible for analyzing?
What is the nature of this data? That will determine the approach for analysis and evaluation.
  • Text: use Text Mining, Word Clouds, and Affinity Diagrams to categorize the top trends
  • Scoring: look for trends and patterns
  • Data: Consider whether the data fits Attribute or Variable characteristics
Monitoring - is there a Control Plan that defines upper and lower control limits? If not, then the process should be stabilized and quantified before making any conclusions.

Also consider Special Causes (i.e. untrained employee) vs. Common Causes of process outcomes.