Introduction: Jay Arthur
My name is Jay Arthur. Although I’m not technically a NEW member, I’ve never formally introduced myself in this forum. I’ve been involved in Quality Improvement for more than 30 years, and a member of ASQ for longer than I can remember.

It’s wonderful to see so many new members introducing themselves, as well as not-so-new members like me stepping forth to say hello here as well. An organization’s members are its future; I’m glad to see such enthusiasm in ASQ’s members.

If anyone is interested, I post a 2-3 minute video each week on a Quality Improvement / Lean Six Sigma topic. You can view these at the link below, and you can choose to sign up for a weekly email if you’d like. (The content is free, and there are no ads associated with either the blog, the page, or the email... just thoughts and inspiration about Improvement.)

Let’s go out and improve something this week!

Jay Arthur
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Lowell Arthur‍ - Thanks for joining us here & saying 'hello". I love it when not so new members take the time to introduce themselves - helps to make our community more vibrant.
Thanks for sharing your blog post - I'm sure many here will find them useful
Hello Jay,

Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing that link!
I am very new here and I appreciate any resources that helps me to improve and learn more!