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Hello Members, My name is Martin Hettwer and I am the Managing Director for Omnex Europe. I am the former chair of the ASQ section 403. Omnex and the ASQ have a long history of working together to bring quality front and centre in various industries including Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Devices. We offer certification training for auditors and lead auditors, as well as core tools and, how to audit many for the current international management system standards such as:
Quality, environmental, health and safety, information security, Cybersecurity, functional safety, social responsibility and VDA standards to name just a few.
Contact us or visit www, and or
Let us work together to ensure that quality never becomes s side topic in business discusssions,
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Martin Hettwer‍ - Thanks for joining us here on myASQ! And thank you for your years of membership & service to ASQ! I'm sure you'll be able to assist many members with their questions. Let me know if you have any questions
Thanks again