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Hello Everyone. My name is LeRae Henry and I am the Quality Manager at ControlTek in Washington State. We are a contract manufacturer for electronic assemblies. I am hoping to gain insight and information with this group for all things quality. I am new to ASQ and also to my position as Quality Manager. I have been in quality for about 10 years as document control and internal auditing. I was promoted to Manager at the end of 2017 when the Manager from ControlTek took another position. I enjoy working in quality as it helps to create value and positiveness within a company. Thank you for helping me in my journey to improve.
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Trish Borzon
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1hi Lerae Henry‍ - Welcome to myASQ! Thanks for your membership and joining us here. I always think that once quality gets into your blood...that's it. You're always going to be looking for ways to make things better :)
Let me know if you need any help finding anything.