New Member Introduction-Garrett Field
Good day, 
My name is Garrett Field and I am an on-again off-again ASQ member.  However, this time is for the long haul.  I retired from the military in 2014 and immediately began my manufacturing career.  I was introduced to Lean Six Sigma during my Army days.  I am a green belt, which means I know enough to really mess things up.  I also had the opportunity, through a previous employer, to be trained in Lean through the University of Kentucky.  I now find myself as the Quality and Compliance Manager at current employer.  I believe the bedrock of quality is continuous improvement and look forward to continuing my journey with the support of ASQ and this community.   
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Garrett Field‍ - Welcome to myASQ!  Glad your 'on again' :D  We have a few military vets in our ranks - James Shore‍ and Kenneth Lewis‍ are a couple that come to mind.  
Let me know if you have any questions - happy to have you here! 
James Shore
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Hi Garrett
Welcome back brother!  Yes, you are in the midst of other Patriots that have protected this great country (USMC, 6174, '87-'03, Desert Storm).  Please reach out and connect with me.

Semper Fi,

James Shore, Chief Quality Officer (CQO)
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James Shore
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Thanks Trish!
Trish Borzon
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James Shore‍  - you know me.  I love to connect people :D 
James Shore
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you're the best, thank you!
Curious, if we wanted to create a community for Military/Veterans how I would go about do that?  I think it will be a good way to get like minded people together.
It's a pleasure to meet you Garrett! I just finished up 20 years as AF EOD in Sept. I'm dipping my toes into civilian life and going with the flow :)

If I can be of assistance in anyway, please let me know.

Best wishes,
Hello Garrett and all. I think a military (and ex-military) forum is a great idea. I'm ex-Army and have been working for a DoD contractor for almost 20 years now. It would be great to to have a pool of folks to bounce ideas off of so count me in if/when we get a community established.

Steven Garner
Trish Borzon
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James Shore‍ - maybe we could create a space here - maybe a peer group??? or a discussion board on it's own? I'm happy to facilitate :D
Helen Tran
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Welcome BACK Garrett!

Good to have you on board and hope you're here to STAY!