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Hello everyone, 
I am from Ottawa, Canada. Am new to Quality. 

I have just been accepted to the Regulatory Affairs program for the winter. For now, I hope I could learn as much as I can and contribute in the future. It has also been reassuring to a decision I took to change my career path.
I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from India. I moved on to get my Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Imaging from UCL, London, UK. It was a very interesting field but at the time with me getting married and starting my family it left very little space for me to pursue my career the way I was hoping it to be.
Now with me at a place to move forward I was left clueless in a new country. The job hunt was dull and I was looking at an industry I felt was more aspiring. I took the decision to stop looking out and start my studies to get the knowledge I would require pursuing this path.
Joining this community has given me quite the insight into what to look forward to.
I am sure I can reach out here when I need some assistance.

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Rachel Mariadas‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for joining!  Be sure to check out your local Ottawa Valley section.  This is a great community that will certainly help answer any questions you might have.  
Good luck! 
Thank you for the warm welcome. Look forward to connecting.
I am glad to have joined this community to help me expand my learning. Have joined my local community. 
Hoping to explore more. 
Welcome Rachel, 
I'm from Pembroke, ON
I work in the forest industry.