Michael L Kappel
Good morning all, I'm a fairly new ASQ member, and recently certified CQM/OE. After 20 years in the Electrical and Mission Critical Industries, I've shifted into a program manager/analyst role in the same sphere, as I've found many of the methodologies intuitive. As an avid reader of Deming, Ackoff, and Senge, I'm looking for opportunities to advance the quality movement.   One question for the group,  what is the consensus on use of ASQ certifications post-nominally?
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Michael Kappel‍ - welcome to myASQ and thank you for joining!  Congratulations on earning your CMQ/OE - That's a pretty tough exam.   I'm going to tag a few member to give you feedback on certifications.  Of course, I'm going to say - They're great!  We do publish a Salary Survey in Quality Progress every December that compares cert vs non-cert salary.

Duke Okes‍ , Daniella Picciotti‍ , Amanda Foster‍ , Joseph Basala‍  - can you provide some insights on the value of Certification?  Thanks 

Let me know if you have any questions 
Duke Okes
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Not sure I'm a good candidate, since I've been self employed for 35 years.  But here goes:

- When I was in the auto industry I pursued CQT and CQE as a way to demonstrate knowledge to my employer and commitment to the profession.  No idea if it impacted their decision to promote me.
- As self-employed I have used certification (ASQ CQA & CMQ/OE, IMC Certified Management Consultant) as a way to validate my knowledge and force me to continually learn (earn those RUs/CEUs!).  Credential value for marketing was secondary.  As a parallel, my wife and I purchased a time share (never a good financial move) because I had a tendency to work all the time, and by having paid for a time share I would force myself to take time off to use it.

So I tend to invest in things that I will benefit from personally, rather than what it demonstrates to others.
I appreciate the opportunity to connect on this topic of the value of certification.  There are a couple of trends that I have seen ebb and flow with respect to ASQ certification.  I have seen some larger organizations include the listing of an ASQ certification as either a preferred qualification or a required certification for employment in a job description.  Some organizations are also making it a personal/departmental goal/objective as functions are growing/expanding.  From a personal perspective, I feel the certifications have given me expanded field of views beyond my specific industry or function utilize tools and processes that I might not otherwise consider.  Like Duke, having ASQ certifications does prompt me to be engaged in learning opportunities to maintain the certifications through RUs.  In looking at the ASQ Certification site - it has a pathway for knowledge growth which could lead to potential promotions for an individual.  I do hope this has provided some answers to your questions.  If not, please feel free to reach out.
I really appreciate the help and insight!!
Thanks Duke,  I appreciate your perspective!  The time share is on my to-do list!
I appreciate the responses!  In your opinion, is there a benefit or drawback from an etiquette standpoint, regarding using ASQ credentials at the end of your name?  For instance, Jane Doe, CQE...

I personally find it a little much to say, Joseph Basala, ASQ CMBB, CSSBB, CMQ/OE, CRE, CQE, CQA.....

For my current position listing the CMBB certication after my name is most relevant, but have changed it up when relevant to other situations. 

Listing your credentials does help occasionally to support your message, however I would conform to the norms in your company. 
Great point!   I appreciate the feedback!
Hello Michael Kappel‍, 

I'm adding a link to last year's Salary Survey that discusses the impact of ASQ certifications on salary: 


More on this topic will likely come next month with the newest Salary Survey results!