Six Sigma B.B. Certification.
Hello I'm Ted Myers and I've been a member of ASQ off and on for greater than five years. FYI - I'm a mis-located Quality professional. My true profession is finance and accounting and I'm a CFO. However, I've read several books on Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing and I had a really great instructor who taught my green belt course which I passed and my B.B. course which I did not pass. However, he (my instructor) did hook me and I just enjoy Six Sigma and all of the theory; it's kind of fun. Anyways I'm now trying to become certified and I'm scheduled to take the exam on November 25th; however, I need to know that I'm truly ready I don't want to have to do a retake. Can someone help me with making this very important decision.

Thank you.        
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Have you had a chance to search this site for tips? I know there have been several posts that have addressed this question on preparations. 

Time management is key to passing the exam . Do you have all your reference books ready? Are they tabbed and highlighted? Being familiar with your reference books is a huge benefit. You only have a couple minutes to answer  answers you have to be able to find information very quickly.

I typically followed a multi-step process in taking exams. First I answered only the questions that I knew the answers to . Secondly I answered questions where I knew where to look in my reference books. Next I addressed questions that involve calculations. I then searched for answers to questions I had no idea for. Finally I went through the questions to make sure every question had an answer.

Having a strategy like this allowed me to pass several ASQ certification exams.

Good luck!

Trish Borzon
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Hi Tedson Myers‍ - welcome to myASQ & thanks for becoming a member!   There are several discussion on here about the BB exam and  Here's a great one on taking the exam 
Good Luck!