New to ASQ & on the ISO 9001:2015 journey
Hi All,
I've come late to this aspect of quality in my career, and have a freshly minted MS in Project Management.  Now my engineering company (we design ROICs and DPROICs) is about to embark on becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified and I'm in charge of the program which will lead me into this new career path.  My previous careers have spanned retail, medical devices, wine industry compliance, and executive assistant.  I'm looking for advice on resources for document control, and any pitfalls I should look out for in the process of becoming certified.  I'm probably going to be my companies lead internal auditor as well, so any advice on setting up those type of programs is also welcome!
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Hi Joyce Soares‍, 

Welcome to ASQ!  I'd love to suggest this book to you:

You might also want to take advantage of this author's webcast on document control, found here:

Some other books all about ISO 9001: 2015 are available here:[Book]&srt=relevancy&rpp=40

Good luck to you--I'm sure this community will be helpful to you 😃

Thank you Gretchen!
I already have purchased and read through the ISO Implementation Handbook.  I even used it to help educate my co-workers already.  And yesterday I order the Documentation book you recommend, so "Yay" I made the right choice!  Now I'm going to go watch that Webinar...
Hi Joyce Soares‍, 

Sounds like you are on top of things.  In that case, I'd encourage you to check out the other related resources, found on this search page:
So much great content is available to ASQ members!  Before you dive in, be sure that you are logged in to the website first!

Good luck to you!

Trish Borzon
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Hi Joyce Soares‍ - Welcome to myASQ.  I'm glad Gretchen Peterson‍ was able to point you to some great resources (she's pretty awesome).  Sounds like you're well on your way.  Let us know what else we can help you with.  Happy to help guide you or point you to some other people who might give more insight.  
Good Luck!